Sunshine Sessions for ALL

We all need a little help sometimes finding our INNER GLOW. 

Life can be MESSY and I am here to help you find the sunshine in the storm. Years ago I found fitness and yoga to get through my own storms and then I started Sunny Side Up Podcast for mental health and to share stories and tools. Storms are inevitable so it's crucial to surround ourselves with support!

NOW you can BOOK a Sunshine Session with me to LIVE YOUR BRIGHTEST LIFE POSSIBLE.


The 30 Min. Sunshine Intro is FREE so you can see if it's the right fit.


After that we will BOOK a 60 Minute Session by Zoom, based on your needs.

We might meet for yoga or a little movement, or it might just be a chat w/ reflection, meditation, writing etc. 

Each session will be customized based on your individual needs. 

This is open to ALL AGES (moody teenagers included).


Sunshine Sessions for Business

Every company needs to be able to CONNECT with their audience and that happens to be my expertise.

It's crucial to any marketing plan that your company's content is relevant, timely, cohesive, on-brand and inspiring and I can help make that possible.

I have had the honor and privilege to help multiple companies craft marketing and social media plans that resulted in millions of dollars of increased revenue, passionate customers, engagement and  brand recognition. 

If you are juggling a small business and just don't have time to develop a social media/marketing plan, I can help with that.

Perhaps you are a local non-profit trying to figure out how to grow your donor base or retain current donors.


I can help!


The sky's the limit, and it all starts with a conversation.

Ali Long logo only (5).png

You know when you meet someone who just vibes on a level that makes you want to be a better person? That's Ali.

She gives so much while being a mama, a wife and a daughter, and does it all with honesty and grace. Her podcast and YouTube channel help me with the chaos of mom life, being more centered and chilling the f-out. Subscribe to Sunny Side Up and follow her workouts ASAP! 

- Katie Morland, Founder of Mommy Needs a Laugh

Ali has an infectious energy that draws people in. The first class I had with her I thought, this girl adds positivity to my day! I look forward to her weekly Sunny Side Up episodes, fitness classes and I can't wait to see what's next! I'm in!

- Marissa

I have been self sabotaging so much lately and your encouragement has been such an inspiration to me. I have been admiring you and looking to you from afar. You took the changes of this year and have flown to new heights. I am in awe of what you have accomplished.

Thank you.


I just finished an 8k run and listened to your podcast. It was amazing! I could really find myself in it. Right now I am struggling with a few things... I wondered why and you gave me the answer: nothing in nature blooms all year, don't expect yourself to. Thank you!